A Curated Home

I love spending time in museums. They are beautifully arranged spaces that inspire.  Over the years I have worked to curate my home much like you would a museum gallery; not with Picassos or Monets, but with treasures from my own life.  Little touches that make me smile when I see them, such as a silver mint julep cup with fresh flowers (reflecting the love of my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky). Cherished family photos from across the generations are scattered around my home in nearly every room.  Perhaps my favorite piece is the Haviland china bowl placed on our kitchen island (passed down from my husband’s great-grandparents), home to decorative paper for quick notes or to do lists.

Haviland bowl

Each of these items are small reflections of gratitude.  Curating my home with treasures put on display in a way that creates a sense of warmth and connection.  I recently discovered a small silver bowl in my parents’ basement. To my delight, once polished, it revealed my name engraved on the side, a gift from a beloved Aunt long ago. This bowl now sits on my nightstand – a small treasure from the past, ready to greet me each day.  Silver bowl


A curated home is not perfect; rather a home that lovingly displays meaningful objects.  These nods to the past are important for me to include in the everyday. Small details of life that have been found, not purchased, passed down from those who came before.  What items do you cherish most in your home? I would love to hear about the treasured pieces that hold special meaning to you.melissa


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