Let There Be Light – Small Changes, Big Impact

Small changes can make a huge impact.

A recent update to my home has me giddy.  It seems like a small change; taking down old, dated (broken!) blinds and replacing them with clean, modern window treatments.  But it has brightened the mood in my home.  Even my 8-year-old son noticed the change, “Why didn’t you do this before? It is so open now!”

The natural light that now pours in each morning is nothing short of glorious.  My home has a formal front Living Room, more commonly known as the “time out” room, one of those rarely used spaces (reserved for misbehaving children).  But since this update, I have actually sat in the room to enjoy the sunlight.  Our formal Dining Room is also flooded in light, I envision coffee and writing sessions here as I soak up the early morning sunlight. This small change instantly created a warmer, more inviting home.


This has me thinking, are there other small changes that can also make a huge impact in my life?  Of course, I always have a list of projects around the house, but what about other small changes?  Perhaps small shifts in daily habits or in our perspective can make a significant difference as well. I am grateful for the small changes in life that bring us joy.


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