My Thanks to Rachel Hollis

I was fortunate to see Rachel Hollis – Ms. Girl Wash Your Face – in person yesterday. She was energetic, funny, relatable, all of the things you would expect if you follow her on social media. If you haven’t heard of her, I highly recommend her books, which are currently #1 and #2 on the New York Times bestseller’s list, she is a force of pure energy and inspiration.

So, there I was in a large venue of 2500 women and I swear, she was talking directly to me, all the way at the back in section 107, she read my mind. Not only did her message that we are made for more – to show up every single day to live your life – hit home and resonate with my soul; but she knew I needed to hear a deeper message.  She knew, somehow, that moments would come to trip me up and allow that voice in my head to play the broken record of failures and inadequacies it loves to remind me of. The voice, that if I allow it, will keep me from fully reaching my potential and seeing my dreams come to fruition.

From experience, I should have known she was right, that I needed her advice on how to combat those stumbles and pitfalls, but I was up on that mountain top of positive energy yesterday and I thought, “not this time – I’m totally ready to face the challenges ahead, nothing’s going to get me down.”


In less than 12 hours, I was hit hard with real life – becoming a referee between my children. Facing a house full of the week’s messes, piles of laundry and dishes. The dogs got out, there was “nothing to eat” so pizza was ordered… not earth shattering, just real-life stuff. However, it is the everyday stuff that will bury you alive – even on the most inspirational of days. There wasn’t time to fill my journal with amazing insights or reread her books as I imagined on my drive home. I was lucky by the end of the evening to have two clean children, dogs safely inside and collapse into bed.

I awoke this morning with low energy, that voice in my head trying to bring me down, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that…” you know the one. Rachel knew, she totally called it and I just had to laugh (once I took a deep breath and pulled myself together).

She knew because this is real life and it takes hard work. It is what I appreciate most about her and others I admire. I respect that they show up and do the hard work. It isn’t glamorous, it isn’t what is featured in a quick, highly edited photo featured on social media – it is the hourly, daily, weekly grind of hard work. It is the early mornings and late nights you push through – despite fear, uncertainty and daily challenges. It is done repeatedly, with faith and determination… it is what ultimately makes all the difference.

So, Rachel, while I’m sure each of the 2500 women in the room yesterday felt the truth of your words, I want to thank you for speaking to me. I’m grateful for your encouragement to do the hard work, to show up, to be the best version of myself. I know that there will be moments of doubt and fear, but your example of showing up and doing the work allows us all to know we are made for more.

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