Origin Mapping

Are you feeling lost, adrift, unsure of your purpose? Do you have a sense there is more to life than your current cycle of repeated tasks and behaviors?

Have you ever wondered, “Am I crazy?”
You’re not crazy. You are searching for more because deep down you know there is more.

However, in a world of constant distraction, multiple social media platforms, 1000 channels on tv, a continuous stream of noise and information – we are entertained, but we are not offered clarity.
Origin Mapping is based on my years of searching: reading and re-reading books, absorbing their wisdom, seeking answers within my own family lineage, and diligently working to cultivate the habits and perspectives that cultivate joy and gratitude. It is the process of digging deep, soul work that encourages and inspires.

The answers you are looking for are not “out there,” they are within you. They are woven into your memory, a sense of knowing that has been largely ignored in our worldly, everyday lives that bury us in distraction, obligation, clutter (mental and physical), fear, and untruths.

The work of Origin Mapping is to uncover these truths and remember who we really are – our authentic self. We are often told to “be yourself.” But it is often difficult to know who that person is.

I invite you to consider the fundamental truths in your own life; how honoring your past can help you create your most authentic self. I would love to have you follow along, join me in this journey of discovery and truth.

More to come as I launch Origin Mapping, I am excited to share it with you.

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