The Tickle Tree

A child’s fantasy world lies beneath the canopy of a tree. Fairies and imagination rule here – what a delight. As we grow older and more responsible, we forget about such play. Only in motherhood did I rediscover it. First with my daughter and then my son – who at the age of 2, led me to the willow tree in our back yard and deemed it the Tickle Tree – for the sensation of branches tickling him as he raced beneath the swaying leaves.

Its magic struck me at once, a place somehow I already knew. Waves of happy childhood memories rushed in; carefree days full of imaginary friends and far off lands. Peace and joy await beneath this protected canopy – energy seemingly dances in the filtered sunlight – it’s there, if you allow your eyes to see it. The singing birds and whispering wind surround you. This calming place and its connection to memories of my childhood came with the help of a chubby 2-year-old hand on a warm summer day; it changed everything. It helped me gain perspective and peace, hope and happiness. Sometimes we just need to take a moment to pause, to be reminded of who we really are.

And so, I hope to create the same sense of magic and wonder, imagination and joy in this little corner of the world I’ve called “Tales from the Tickle Tree.” A place to pause and reflect, connect and share. I am so happy you are here.


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