Welcome, I’m Melissa, so glad you stopped by!

I believe in the power of story. I’ve created Tales from the Tickle Tree, as a place to pause, enjoy a cup of coffee, and reflect. I believe in living with intention – something that is easy to say and much harder to actually do.  This blog is part accountability, part encouragement, part inspiration – I would love to have you (YOU, yes, you, so very glad you stumbled upon Tales from the Tickle Tree!) join along.

In a world full of busy lives and lots of stress, I am striving for a path less traveled… this, like so many things, is a work in progress. I strive to cultivate joy, live with intention, and honor the past while creating a life that is fulfilling and creative. I invite you to explore a kinder life – one that is intentional and centered on what you really want. I invite you to become a truer version of yourself.

Thanks for joining me,