Courage – cultivating joy in the everyday

It takes courage to forge a new path.

It takes courage to be open to new possibilities.

It takes courage to find your true voice.

I was given this “courage” bracelet from a dear friend when I embarked on the path to yoga training certification.  While it was something I desperately wanted, it was also way out of my comfort zone. I wear it often, as a reminder to have courage each day. Courage applies to every facet of our lives – especially now when turning on the morning news is heartbreaking and terrifying.  It takes courage to live a life focused on the positive and good in this world.  It is courageous and necessary to cultivate joy in the everyday.

I see so many friends struggle with depression and chronic illness, for them it takes courage to face each day.  I am a legacy of the men and women who came before me who had the courage to fight for our country, the courage to believe, hope, and love through difficult times.  Life can be a grand adventure if we only allow ourselves the courage to truly live the life we were made for.  (Sometimes that takes the most courage of all, figuring out what that purpose is.) And so in these days in which it is easy to focus on fear and sadness, I choose to live with courage.

Have the courage to be kind.

Have the courage to take care of yourself.

Have the courage to say no (and yes!).

Have the courage to love.

Have the courage to live a life on purpose.


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