Savor Summer

The back-to-school shopping has begun, days have become busier. While there is a part of me that loves the anticipation of a new school year for my children, there is also a need to hold on. I want to savor summer; the early morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine on the patio – a bit better in these lingering days. The wildflowers are in full bloom, the birds sing merrily; there is a magic in late summer moments.

As we slowly ease into our school routines, we will also be sure to dine al fresco and pick a few more backyard bouquets. The backyard is buzzing with activity, kids playing in the fresh air and enjoying these last days of “freedom.” We will savor the long days and bright blue skies.

Remembering to savor each season – finding the joy in the present moment. Yes, the back packs are ready and the school clothes hang in the closet, but we will savor these remaining precious summer days just a bit longer.


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