Moments of Grace

Noticing life’s little details – the sunlight coming through a tree in such a way that it takes my breath away.  Or feeling a beautiful breeze rush in, such a simple thing, but it brings a smile to my face.  Sunrises and sunsets, a gift to begin and end each day – pink ribbons fill the sky for a few brief time, causing a moment’s pause and a quiet thank you.

Little moments of beauty and grace sprinkled in the everyday, as if to say, “You’ve got this, keep your faith, all is well.”  I often see it in the faces of my children or in the smile of a friend. Have you ever read a book and the words resonate so deep in your soul that you would swear it was written just for you?  Or the symphony of birds calls out to you in the early morning, their song so clear you can feel their joy? These are moments of grace, a pause in our busy lives that allows us to slow down and feel peace, a sense of true happiness – for a brief, brilliant moment.

This isn’t about perfect days filled exclusively with beautiful things.  This is about moments in the midst of real life; which can be messy, hard, and complicated.  And it’s precisely why I appreciate these small gifts so much – pausing for just a moment as I prepare dinner or wash the dishes to witness the beauty of sunlight streaming onto my patio, a lovely pattern of light and shadow.

These moments of grace encourage me and renew my spirit. I am ever grateful for these brief encounters with the Divine.


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