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I love books, as a young girl I could get lost in Narnia or The Secret Garden for hours.  I can still close my eyes and imagine each of these places in vivid detail.  I read in my late teens and early twenties to learn more about the world and myself, my love of books helped me grow in countless ways. I still read for pleasure, for inspiration, for a different perspective; I am ever in grateful to the brilliant authors who open up new worlds to me.

Given this love of reading, it’s no surprise that I began buying children’s books the moment I found out I was pregnant – before any clothing or blankets, I was building a library.  I have rediscovered the joy of children’s literature through my role as a parent.  There is a magic in reading aloud to my children each night. It has allowed me to appreciate the profound beauty and wisdom in a picture book.  There are so many favorites, such fond memories tied to reading these treasured books as my children have grown out of my lap and now are seated by my side.  Although we read novels, we occasionally revisit an “old friend,” there is great joy in reading a beloved story again.

On this day, as the heat of late summer has taken its toll and the dry grass crunches beneath my feet, I dug out a book that captures the beauty of a cleansing rain.  Toot & Puddle – You Are My Sunshine by Holly Hobbie, expresses this sentiment in words and through charming illustrations.  There is something about these sweet little pigs, Toot and Puddle, which I just adore. The message in each book is insightful and kind, a breath of fresh air.  In this particular book, Puddle says, “Sometimes you need a big whopping thunderstorm to clear the air.”

Detail from Toot & Puddle - You Are My Sunshine

Detail from Toot & Puddle – You Are My Sunshine

I love that.

Here’s hoping for a thunderstorm tonight.


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