I didn’t want to use this picture. It’s not perfect, I don’t look like the sculpted yogis I admire on Instagram. But it is real. It is a true representation of my practice at this point in my life. Once I stopped focusing on my flaws, I saw the beauty. I love the filtered sunlight on the mat. I am grateful my friend captured this moment with her camera. Yoga is like that, it allows you to push through the imperfections and find the beauty in the present moment.

In these days of burning the candle at both ends and glorifying our busy lives – yoga is the balm that soothes and nourishes. It is the union of mind, body and spirit – a path to a kinder, gentler life.  As my practice deepens I become a better version of myself. Yoga has made me stronger in every imaginable way – mind, body, and spirit.  It has allowed me to quiet my mind and realign my priorities.

Yoga allows me to work on myself in a way that encourages growth and improvement without judgement of where I am right now. And so I share this picture; it reflects my love of yoga, flaws and all. 



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