Dot Day

We have several beloved authors and illustrators in our home and Peter Reynolds is on that list.  We first came to know him as the illustrator of Judy Moody – quirky Judy came to life through his illustrations.  A few years ago, a good friend (and my daughter’s first grade teacher) introduced us to The Dot and the Dot Day celebration.  It brings together two of my favorite things – children’s literature and encouraging creativity.

Peter Reynolds’ books are uplifting and kind, always encouraging.  It seems fitting that Dot Day is celebrated by so many (6,938,946 according to their website www.thedotclub.org).  In honor of Dot Day this year, we are sharing a few copies of The Dot. We delivered one to a special friend, one is going to my son’s third grade class (with the addition of Dots candy for even more Dot fun), and one was placed in a Free Little Library near our home.  My children made special book plates for each book. Our hope is to share the positive message of The Dot and the importance of “making your own mark” with others.


As we have gone through this fun day of celebrating and sharing, I now pause to reconsider how I too can make my own mark in this world.  I am grateful to Peter Reynolds for sharing the story of Vashti and the dot with us.



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