A Prayer for the Overwhelmed

Grant me discernment
Grant me peace

I pray for a kinder, calmer life
I pray for grace and mercy to wash over me

In humble gratitude and everlasting joy 

Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone.We live in a multitasking society full of noise and distraction. The papers pile up on every available surface, laundry mocks you. There is so much to do – the bills, the dishes, the projects… The hidden messes, behind closet doors, items thrown in drawers and baskets and bags – these hidden messes whisper words of inferiority and judgement.

There is a heaviness deep in your heart. You are better than this, but you are constantly distracted, a mere shadow of who you once were.

We glorify busy – it has become a status symbol.  In reality, it is a mask.  Juggling it all works for a while- exhausting, sometimes exhilarating – but at some point it all comes crashing down.


You can change this chaotic life. You can choose your own path – one of less stress and more joy.  But first you must stop for a moment. Know you are not alone. Know that there is another way – you can choose it with each action, each decision. Living with intention and purpose. You are not alone, begin to chart a new path.

Say this prayer for the discouraged. Then begin to create pockets of time, free from distraction, to decide what it is you really want, what you need.  Clearing your mind and asking yourself such questions will help you begin this journey inward.

You are not alone.
Feel encouraged and inspired to work towards a kinder, calmer life.

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