Don’t Rush November

Put down the Halloween candy, throw away the squishy jack-o-lanterns and let October go.

Then, pause.

Take a breath.

Welcome November, allow it to unfold.

We tend, in this consumer driven culture of ours, to rush right into Christmas. The frantic search for the perfect gifts and quest to decorate a flawless tree, can control us for the next two months. I’m not talking about Christmas joy; I mean the chaotic, obsessive, exhausting expectations the holiday season can bring. Instead, take a moment and relax into November. This is a month for gratitude and thanksgiving. It’s also a time to turn inward as the days grow shorter and darkness of night sets in earlier.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures – wrap up in a blanket, pour a hot cup of tea, and read a book. Let go of the to do lists and simply enjoy the present moment.  Christmas will come, and soon enough you can enjoy the gift wrap, cards, and music – but for a few moments, clear your mind and don’t rush into the next holiday, the next project.  Just be.

For years I lived in a whirlwind; rushing from one project to the next.  There is an energy and an adrenaline rush in completing a project and meeting that deadline – even if it means working through the night on the 23rd of December to make it all happen.  However, I was often run down, I was inevitably sick and eventually, I realized that this life of hectic scheduling and high stress levels isn’t for me.  Some people do thrive on this energy – and I did for a number of years.  However, looking back, I was always exhausted, never fully present (always thinking of the next several tasks I needed to complete), I’m sad to say I wasn’t focusing on those I love and cherish most.  I have found that taking small breaks and allowing myself to regroup is critical to my happiness and my health.  I must nourish my soul through the peace that comes from quiet, reflective time.  It’s not perfect, there are days that are still hectic, but it is not my everyday norm. I stopped glorifying busy, for that I am extremely grateful.

This year, for the very first time, I am embracing all that November has to offer; the quiet time, the inner reflection.  Saying prayers of thanks, focusing on gratitude – not the accumulation of more things, or creating more work to be done. Finding peace in these quiet, early November days.

Welcome November, I’m so glad you are here.




I’m so glad you are here.

Join me in cultivating joy, living with intention and celebrating the everyday miracles all around us.