Abundance and Encouragement

Have you ever stood at the edge of the ocean? The waves come up to your toes and then recede, returning each time with a sweet kiss of cool water. The ocean continues to give this gift without end. Perhaps that’s what I love most about the ocean, it’s vastness, a glimpse into the infinite.

Through this lens, I see that there is more than enough good to around, abundance beyond imagination. When one succeeds, it is not at the expense of another – rather, it is available to ALL of us – each of us is here on this earth to fulfill our unique calling.

And so, I encourage.

I celebrate the joys and accomplishments of others.

I trust the abundance of the universe.

When I see friends doing amazing things, finding their voice, at the top of their field –  I am genuinely happy for them. I am encouraged by their success, to see them shining bright reminds me that I can too.

The wonderful thing about social media is that I can cheer on friends in California, in Florida, and all points in between. I can celebrate a start up business or a huge professional project that will impact the masses.  Each of these accomplishments inspires me to be my best and believe in the beauty of my dreams.

So, keep sharing your joys and your successes my friends – I’m cheering for you!


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