Our Lady of Paris

She burns.

We mourn her.

Notre-Dame de Paris, Our Lady of Paris.

Holy Week has taught us out of the lowest of lows comes the ultimate gift – unshakable faith.

We never imagined her gone… burning before our eyes. She has bravely withstood wars swirling around her, for centuries she stood in her majestic beauty beckoning for the faithful, the seekers to find refuge in her embrace.

My heart breaks for France, for us all… to not have this Cathedral standing watch over Paris in all her glory. Her spire in the skyline now fallen, the vaulted ceiling ripped apart by flames, exposing her to the elements.

May we pray for this loss, but also be encouraged by the hope that remains. Her people rallying around her in song and prayer. First images revealing the cross still intact at the altar. As the sun rose on Paris, there is hope of what might have been saved.

Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is with thee…

Allow the peace of this Holy Week to enter your heart. That even facing devastation, fires raging, tremendous loss – you may have faith to continue on, to rebuild, to salvage what is left and move forward on the wings of hope.

All my love to Paris. XOXO

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