Wind Chimes and Other Small Miracles

Savor that first sip of coffee in the morning.

Smile as the birds greet you with their happy songs each day.

Soak in the sunlight as it kisses your skin.

Pause to enjoy the beauty of a sunset.

Yes, life is busy and complicated and messy – but it is also full of small miracles.

My husband and children gave me wind chimes for my birthday last week. Each time I hear them, I smile. My heart swells with gratitude as they dance in the breeze.  Its gentle song reminds me of the energy and life all around me – taking me outside of my own head and preoccupations and into the bigger, deeper world around me. I’m reminded of the miracles available to us all each day.

I invite you to pause for these moments of wonder, these gifts from the universe – always there if you take the time to see them. Whether it is the song of the birds chirping merrily or the beauty of a bright blue sky, stop and take it all in. You might just connect to the world and energy all around you and, if even for a moment, feel the miracle of it all.

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