Doors intrigue me; they are the mysterious entry into unknown worlds. Perhaps it was the magic doors taking Alice through Wonderland, or the hidden, ivy covered door in The Secret Garden; a few favorites from childhood, that first captured my attention.  The world beyond a closed door is fascinating, a glimpse into new worlds and perspectives on how others live, work and create.

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Europe this summer. The old doors were ornate, lovely and plentiful – what they revealed was out of fairy tales. The beautiful grand doors of a German palace opened into the most exquisite ballroom, it was as if Cinderella should be dancing with Prince Charming under the crystal chandeliers.

The doors of Florence, Italy allowed one to discover miraculous spaces – tiny cafes tucked in a doorway buzzing with life or a large arched door cracked ever so slightly to reveal a lush, green courtyard beyond. One hot afternoon, I sat at the threshold, in the shade of a quaint café sipping a glass of wine, sitting in the in between – the energy and commotion outside on the streets contrasted the cool calm hum inside the café.  It was a perfect moment of keen awareness on that edge, that magical transition from one world to the other.


The thick wooden doors into grand cathedrals and quaint churches were equally as intriguing. The feeling of these spaces was not the buzz of an Italian café, but the sacredness and spirit was palpable in a deep, soulful way. You could feel the weight of prayers, whispered over the centuries. The holiness of what these houses of worship have witnessed throughout history – the prayers of Dante and Michelangelo – one can only imagine. The stark distinction from the loud, hot street to the cool, calm church was breathtaking.


Of course, there were many doors that I could only imagine what was hidden behind them, perhaps those were my favorite of all. The beauty in not knowing, the representation of hope for something beautiful beyond. As we face many uncertainties in this life, I reflect on these doors and why they resonate so deeply. I am facing new doors, new opportunities daily.  While it can be unsettling, it is also exciting, there are new miracles to explore.

In the Universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between there are doors.

-William Blake

Doors are a threshold, a boundary between the known and unknown. It can be safe to stay outside and never go through new doors, sticking to the same streets and places you’ve always known. But think of what you’ll miss – the new experiences, new sights and sounds, interesting people you might never encounter. And while it is difficult in the moment, sometimes doors close for you, the universe telling you to move on, and that’s okay too. There are always more doors to explore, new adventures that wait just beyond that threshold.




I’m so glad you are here.

Join me in cultivating joy, living with intention and celebrating the everyday miracles all around us.