Bravery and The Book of Longings

The Book of Longings, Sue Monk Kidd’s most recent novel, is a triumph. Anticipated for months, it was my birthday gift to myself. Ana, the main character, is a figure so strong that I have missed her since finishing the book. Even a few weeks after reading it, I think of her and her story often.  But it is her beloved Aunt Yaltha whose wisdom is still humming through my mind:

               Your moment will come, and when it does, you must seize it with all the bravery you can find. Your moment will come because you will make it come.

I will not give it away, but these words, at a pivotal moment in the story, hold such powerful truth. The power we each have to create our lives, if only we are brave enough to claim it and make it what it needs to be. It’s no surprise that Sue Monk Kidd’s gift of words and deep insight have once again spoken directly to my soul.

The truth of these words resonates even now, but in the book, they are living in the days of Jesus. A time when women had no rights to speak of and were very much seen as property of the men in their lives; first their fathers and then their husbands. Can you imagine? To be brave enough to believe such truth when nothing in your life allows you freedom? Why is it so hard to believe such truths now, in this time when we are so far beyond that?

So often we wait, patiently, obediently – for the big break or the for the timing to be perfect. We put off dreams, we ignore our inner voice. But what if Yaltha is right? What if we have to seize our moment with bravery and courage? What if it is up to us to make it happen?

That is empowering and terrifying all at once. Empowering, because it depends on us – the power is in our hands, not some external force. Terrifying, because, well, it depends on us. We have been patiently waiting for so long, the action of it all takes courage. A magic wand isn’t going to suddenly grant us our dreams and deepest desires; there is personal choice involved and an inner strength in trusting our intuition.

This is exactly the place I am, perhaps you are too? A season of transition, a season of change and of seeking deeper truths. For many months I have turned inward, reading, journaling, praying and waiting… my voice silenced by the roar of all that is happening around us. I realize there are much larger conversations happening in this world, but it is also more evident than ever that nothing is promised, and the power of kind gestures and words have real power.

I invite you to find your courage, to create your moment – whatever that is for you. In recent days I have witnessed friends step boldly out in faith and it inspires me to do the same.




I’m so glad you are here.

Join me in cultivating joy, living with intention and celebrating the everyday miracles all around us.