Moments of Grace

I am craving calm in an increasingly chaotic world. As a million details swirl around us all – living in a pandemic, a divided nation, trying to establish some sense of peace in our daily lives. I find myself yearning for moments of grace. Summer evenings watching fireflies light up the sky. Early mornings with no technology, only a cup of coffee, a journal and the birds joyfully chirping outside my window.

The chaos of this time we are living in can pull you down – churning you through the fear and negativity that is so prevalent. With the constant noise and distraction of 24-hour news, social media and sensational headlines; it is easy to feel hopeless, to lose a sense of center. But it has never been more important or necessary to reclaim your peace and sense of purpose.  Our souls, our deepest sense of self, calls out to us to quiet that noise and carve out moments of grace.

And so, I take walks each evening, listening only to the hum of nature. I soak in the summer nights and the gift of being able to spend time outside.

I turn off the tv and sit with a cup of hot tea, admiring the sunset.

I stop mindlessly scrolling my social media feed and take a few moments to offer a silent prayer.

Small moments that help restore my soul. Time to pause and be grateful, even now; while there is much sadness, there are also many blessings. Just like beauty, gratitude is in the eye of the beholder. Grace allows us to see more clearly.

In these moments, I am able to settle down and just be present. The roar of it all begins to fade away. It is freeing, calming – just to be yourself with your own thoughts.

Who are you?



Who are you?

We are so busy; we often do not allow for such moments of reflection.

If you are weary, craving calm, I encourage you to turn inward and create small moments of grace. It is time to remember who we are and our purpose in this world. It is time to reclaim hope – not with a grand manifesto, but rather, in stillness and quiet contemplation.

May you have moments of grace each day.




I’m so glad you are here.

Join me in cultivating joy, living with intention and celebrating the everyday miracles all around us.