Early morning silence – this has been my practice for years. Soaking in the silence, before any external news or clutter enters into my mind. I first sit in silence, it grounds me.

I sit.
Dog by my side.
Coffee in hand.
Fire dancing in the fireplace.
I breathe.
I pray.
I sit in gratitude.

Journaling and reading is also part of my morning ritual, but the silence – that’s the golden thread that helps me connect with my highest self and with the Divine.

I write of it often, the overwhelming amount of noise and clutter in our lives. Simply glancing at your phone can send you down a rabbit hole of information you had no intention of seeing or wanting in your head. It takes true intention to steer clear of the negativity that bombards us all.

Sitting in silence gives me strength.
Sitting in silence gives me courage.
Sitting in silence gives me hope.
Sitting in silence anchors me.

I share this as encouragement and a gentle reminder, that silence can often give us the answers we seek. Perhaps you are simply in need of a few moments of peace and quiet. Perhaps you have deep troubles that you are praying can be resolved. Whatever the situation you face, I have found silence is always helpful – if you allow it in.

Not surprisingly, I also wrote about Silence exactly one year ago, as Lent began. There is something about the depths of winter and hope of Lent that reminds me of the importance of silence as a spiritual practice.

May you find peace in the silent moments.


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