Savor Summer

The peonies burst into bloom this week and they were gorgeous – lovely, full flowers loaded with fragrance and life. I admired them for several days and enjoyed seeing the gathering of ants, bees and bunnies all feasting on the delicious foliage. I was surprised though at how quickly their blooms faded and drooped under their own weight. Their brief beauty reminded me to savor each moment this summer, or much like the peonies, the days will fade away too quickly.

Perhaps it is the fact that my daughter is entering her Senior year of high school (this seems to bring many aspects of life into sharper focus). Or perhaps it is because last summer was so slow due to the many pandemic-related restrictions.  Even though I am grateful we are emerging from the fog of isolation into “normal,” my completely packed June schedule is making feel uneasy.

It will require intention and conscious effort to avoid sliding right back into those chaotic days in which you barely catch your breath. If I learned anything this past year, it is that the celebration of busy is overrated. I am focusing on enjoying quiet moments of stillness and gratitude. Of course, I will also be sure to fit in the summer activities I love – bike rides on the beach, exploratory walks on our property searching for the illusive arrowheads left behind long ago.

I will savor summer. Mornings on the screened porch listening to the symphony of birds and frogs as the earth awakes. Going on adventures – to our beloved Hilton Head Island and some local exploration in our new home state. Perhaps most of all I will savor the sunsets – all the glorious sunsets I can soak in.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, I hope you too can savor summer. Remember the childhood magic of a long summer day – the beauty, the richness and the joy of it all.





I’m so glad you are here.

Join me in cultivating joy, living with intention and celebrating the everyday miracles all around us.