Journal and coffee

Morning Rituals

Mornings can be hectic, but they can also be nourishing – setting up your day up in a positive and kind way. I am a big believer in establishing a morning ritual that grounds you and feeds your soul. Here are the rituals that create my morning routine.

Prayer | Meditation

Wisdom | Devotional

Gratitude | Journaling

Intention | Movement


Prayer | Meditation

Center yourself in prayer or meditation each morning, BEFORE checking your phone or turning on the news. Savor quiet if it is available to you (I wake up earlier than my family members for this reason). Allow yourself to quiet your mind. There is so much noise and information in this world, turn inward for a few minutes to begin each day in peace. Savoring a hot cup of coffee while I sit in the stillness before sunrise offers me moments of prayer and reflection.

Wisdom | Devotional

Rely on the wisdom of others to uplift and guide you. Open your favorite text, perhaps dig up an old devotional or book of poetry and allow it to speak to you at this season in your life. Seek out words of wisdom and strength, allow these to guide you as you begin the day.

Gratitude | Journaling

I write to process emotions, but I also begin each day by writing three things I’m grateful for. A kind of magic happens when you shift to gratitude – it allows you to focus on abundance, not lack, it gives you a different perspective. Journaling allows me to begin my day with an inward focus, this is especially true if I am struggling with a difficult decision or a stressful situation. There is a clarity that comes in writing.

Intention | Movement

Move, get the blood flowing. Perhaps a quick walk as the sun is rising or a brief yoga practice. Anything, even ten minutes, will allow you to move and be intentional in caring for yourself. Currently, yoga is my go-to morning movement. It allows me to stretch and gently wake up my body.

Whatever works for you, I encourage you to do it each morning. Give yourself time to begin your days with intention and focus rather than in a frenzied rush out the door. If this seems like too much, begin with small steps. Each intentional action towards your selfcare matters. Simply focus on this day right in front of you – give yourself the gift of a kind and nurturing morning.




I’m so glad you are here.

Join me in cultivating joy, living with intention and celebrating the everyday miracles all around us.




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