Tales from the Tickle Tree

Inspired by the weeping willow tree in my backyard (why the Tickle Tree?), this blog is a place to pause and reflect.  We are all busy, it seems a badge of honor these days (if you are overwhelmed by the crazy breakneck speed of your life, take heart and pause for a moment). Tales from the Tickle Tree is a place to feel encouraged and create a more intentional, joyful life.

I believe in a few fundamental truths:

  • I believe in the POWER OF STORY, each of us has a unique story to share. Much of my story comes from those who came before me. I am intrigued by those I have never met, particularly the women in my family tree (both by blood and by marriage) who have guided me in some way – their stories give me a sense of CONTEXT in my life.


  • I believe in BOOKS, the wisdom of others, a depth of knowledge exists in beautiful illustrations and well-written words. I love a good book; from children’s literature, to historical fiction, to the classics (and everything in between) I treasure them all. [A family favorite is Laura Ingalls Wilder]


  • I believe in rituals and rhythms that promote SELF CARE. Taking care of ourselves – mind, body and spirit, is sometimes looked upon as a luxury. I believe we are obligated to take the best care possible of ourselves so that we can then do the work we were created to do. [Yoga is a beloved form of self care]


  • I believe in OBSERVING the DETAILS – cultivating a sense of gratitude for the beauty and joy that is all around is. You must have the eyes to see them, these small gifts in the everyday. [It Matters]


  • I believe there is a POWER HIGHER THAN MYSELF – for me, this is God. I live a life that is anchored in faith and I walk daily in prayer and meditation.  This doesn’t mean I’m perfect, in fact, I am deeply flawed.  I find great comfort in knowing that I have a foundation of faith to lean upon as I make my way through this life.


Thank you for joining me here at Tales from the Tickle Tree – I hope you visit often. You are always welcome here – a place to honor the past, enjoy the present moment and live with hope for the future.


To learn more, see my About Me page – so happy you are here!

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